Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) is an interesting soul and a legend in the international techno scene. That’s why we’ve asked Thomas several questions about his music, his career and his studio plus asked him to collect 5 of his favourite, most nostalgic and special tracks of all time including a small anecdote.

“29 years of techno madness and still ferocious!”

| About Thomas P. Heckmann

2019 sees the unbreakable techno force; Thomas P. Heckmann. The man who brought us such milestones as Amphetamine, Liquid, Tanzmaschine, Sync In, Phosphene and the ever influential projects like Drax, Welt In Scherben and countless more.

Moreover, his genre-leading labels such as Trope Recordings and AFU Limited continue with a blast and to crown it all, he has released his latest album on Monnom Black.

As a master of electronic instruments and an endless musical background he’s always good for new contemporary surprises and is respected by many generations of music makers and followers to this day, gaining new fans in the younger generation with every gig he’s performing.

Active professionally for more than 28 years now, Thomas P. Heckmann is one of Germany’s most played and respected techno artists, having released pioneering records on labels like Monnom Black, Perc Trax, [aufnahme + wiedergabe] and Djax Up Beats. He has invented many now taken for granted styles like Sägezahn, EBM-Techno, Electro-Techno, Industrial-Techno and all kinds of Acid styles in the past quarter of a century and is ready for the next 25 years of madness.

Since the fifth Acid Seduction came out very recently, can you tell us a little background story about why you chose to make another acid album?

Thomas: “It’s not really an album, but an EP in the series of Acid Seduction that I still love to do and release when I have enough fat tracks together for it.”

We added the new Acid Seduction EP to our Spotify playlist ‘Intercell Selects’, check it out here.

Album or EP, we’re delighted that you keep producing acid. So what is it in acid that you like?

Thomas: “All my acid tracks in the past 30 years were done and recorded live in my studio and therefore are more like a live set than a production. It’s pure fun for me and seems to never end.”

With all those acid tracks you’ve heard in your life, there must be some tracks that stand out. What is your favourite acid track of all time, that is not yours?

Thomas: “Hmm, there’s too many… but maybe ‘808 State – Flow Coma’ as it brought me back to acid after the big crash in the 80s.”

Listen to the track here.

You’ve been active in the techno scene for over 29 years now. How would you describe the evolution of the techno scene yourself?

Thomas: “It became the driving force behind a huge business these days, and we can all be very grateful that it’s like that and that it feeds us all.”

Did you care a lot about the negative comments as a DJ back then when you started?

Thomas: “I cannot remember having any…”

We know you are good and have enough self-esteem now, but what were the most significant factors that affected your career positively and negatively?

Thomas: “This would fill a book…”

Maybe we could extend this article later on. A lot of DJ’s nowadays could learn from your experience. Would you’ve done anything differently when you look back at those things now?

Thomas: “Maybe not licensing my music too assholes who ripped me off.”

At least your studio seems to be unaffected by the fact that you got ripped off… Do you have a favourite piece of gear in your studio that you often use? And what piece is most precious to you?

Thomas: “My favourites always change, and they are all very precious to me.”

| Check out Thomas’ studio in an interview here

You’ve played at Intercell before, what stands out to you most?

Thomas: “The crowds and the fun!”

Can you name us five of your all-time favourite, special or most nostalgic tracks and can you explain per track why they are?

1 | Lorot – Ich wünsch mir ne kleine Miezekatze

Thomas: “It was my first record.”

| Listen to the track here.

2 | Kraftwerk – and all German and European electronic bands

Thomas: “Speaks for itself.”

| Listen to a track here.

3 | Donna Summer – I Feel Love

Thomas: “Heard this first on ZDF as an opener to science fiction movies in the late 70s and blew me away. Was like Kraftwerk with more power.”

| Listen to the track here.

4 | DAF – ‘all tracks’

Thomas: “Was the music I always dreamt about and even more powerful and sweaty.”

| Listen to “DAF – Alles Ist Gut” Album here.

5 | And Also The Trees – Shaletown

Thomas: “No comment.”

| Listen to the track here.

Thanks for sharing all this with us, Thomas. Looking forward to having you play at Intercell – Acid Night – Rotterdam on 13/09/19.


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