Below is a short read about Marseille-born Hemka, who is a techno DJ and producer based in Paris. She will be performing at the first Noise Manifesto label night during Amsterdam Dance Event at the H7 Warehouse on the 19th of October.

To warm you up for the Noise Manifesto label night, Hemka made a podcast for our Podcast Series on SoundCloud which you can listen to here.


Growing up in a musical family Hemka’s career path is not something of an odd choice, rather the opposite. Playing the bass guitar as a teenager and later on experimenting with two turntables and a mixer, she understood she belongs in the club. Being a DJ and techno producer felt as much as a positive challenge as coming home.

Hemka: “Music plays a vital role in my life. It allows me to clear my head, to express my feelings: my joys, my sorrows, my anger. All that I very often have trouble communicating in a general way.”

Hemka now is one of the most promising DJ’s and producers in the boiling Parisian scene. Her skills behind the decks got her sharing the stage with figures of the international Techno circuit such as Len Faki, Kobosil, Henning Baer, Lewis Fautzi, to name a few.

Her productions are full of shrewd, minimalistic sounds – paradoxically enough making up her very maxed-out production style. Hemka does not give you much option than to jack your body. Her compositions are fast-paced and frantic, still containing enough psychedelic and mystifying elements to sweep away the listener. She always impresses with the quality of her selection with a significant focus on the 90’s sonorities while keeping an eye on modern textures. Her techno is rhythmical, psychedelic and drummy, while the emotional element is ever-present.

The same highly concentrated canned-up dynamic is expressed when Hemka is behind the decks. She excellently manages to capture her core as a producer (as well as speaking her mind) through carefully picking tracks matching her mood. She is not afraid to let the crowd know she needs their response. She says she loves to hear the dancers “scream and whistle”, seeing the passion in their eyes. Hemka wants her audience to know she needs their energy and support to deliver with full force.

| Edge of everything

Prior to the Noise Manifesto label related performance during Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, Paula Temple released her new album ‘Edge Of Everything’.

Resident Advisor (May, 2019): “It comes as a surprise that ‘Edge Of Everything’ is Paula Temple’s debut album. After all, the Berlin-based artist has been a major part of the scene for much of the last two decades, and just about every techno fan is familiar with her punishing sound. Temple has earned her reputation through a very particular style of performing. Using what she calls a hybrid setup, the artist’s club sets blur the line between DJ-ing and producing—she layers in samples, and makes edits and remixes on the fly. This flexible technique is what brings depth and intensity to Temple’s sound. More importantly, it makes her sets unique. No one else is going to bang out techno tracks in quite the same way.”

Paula Temple and SNTS both share a dark and intense style of techno. For a great b2b, they want the sum to be greater than the individual parts. They admire each other and combining their energies will result in something extremely thrilling.

Intercell x Paula Temple pres. Noise Manifesto | ADE will feature this very intense and exclusive, hybrid back to back performance from SNTS and Paula Temple, and includes DJ sets from the label associated artists: Shlømo, Hemka and Ghost in the Machine plus a live performance by SØS Gunver Ryberg. This is promising to be a big one.

Join this clash. Tickets at –

23:00 – 01:00 Hemka
01:00 – 02:00 SØS Gunver Ryberg [Live]
02:00 – 04:00 Shlømo
04:00 – 06:00 Paula Temple b2b SNTS
06:00 – 08:00 Ghost in the Machine

Noise Manifesto’s first remix packages ‘Edge of Everything REMIXES I’ and ‘Edge of Everything REMIXES II’ are announced recently. Eight DJ and producers, among which is Hemka, have agreed to reinterpret their chosen track from Paula Temple’s latest album.

I – “REMIXES I is SNTS’ dark and thundering interpretation of Open the Other Eye. The pace is strong and relentless over the atmospheric background of the original track. The second remix is by ZAMILSKA who picked Cages for its “extraordinary power”. She describes it as “awakening fear, sadness, and anxiety, but also excitement” which propelled her to produce this epic piece showing a more ambient side of power. The first remix package concludes with SØS Gunver Ryberg’s modulated acid lines and incorporated strong machine drum patterns with the atmosphere of the track Berlin overlayed.”

II – “REMIXES II begins with two interpretations of Paula’s techno anthem Joshua & Goliath. Paul Mørk & Eastel transformed the slow version of the track into an epic cinematic techno piece, interweaving Eastel’s vocals. In contrast, Ghost in the Machine pumps up the techno version of Joshua & Goliath, taking influence from hardcore while keeping the bpm at 135, and gracing us with a breath-taking breakdown.—Hemka remixed Raging Earth to be punchy, dark, and psychedelic. The track constantly evolves with increasing pressure and a variety of sounds and notes which generates a vibe of anxiety and surprise.—Slam completes the remix journey with a guaranteed club hit, with their signature filtered synth lines and 909 clap rhythms.”

[Source: SoundCloud Paula Temple – Edge of Everything REMIXES Preview]

Edge of Everything REMIXES I is released digitally on September 27th and REMIXES II will be released October 11th. You can pre-order it now from Listen to the previews above.