From a wide variety of electronic music including techno, breaks, lo-fi house, electronic funk and jungle/drum & bass, to hip-hop and jazz. This track selection, made by AIROD, contains tracks that represent all of his inspirations and musical influences across different musical genres.

Read more about his view on electronic music below and listen to the track selection in our Spotify playlist ‘Intercell Selects’ here.


“I think, in music, it’s essential to be curious, to want to discover, and especially to know how to appreciate and understand different musical styles. That’s why this selection is very varied. With time we realise that some pieces are timeless, for me, that’s the greatest success of a piece. In my view, the trend in musical styles is a cycle which renews itself and which changes with specific variants. I hope to re-transcribe all this in this selection.”

“The playlist describes the beauty of electronic music, no matter the style and the period in which the track was created. It shows the diversity and the power of expression that it can share with the listener, whether it’s through words, melodies or rhythms, each track describes something that everyone interprets in their own way. I won’t say that music has evolved, but it adapts to its time and to the environment in which the artist is immersed.”

“Also, I would like to support the fact that image has become very important in music, that videos have become more than a support for music, and that the mix of these two artistic universes can form incredible things. I think we are still far from having exploited everything.”


Hailing from Paris, Dario Brkic aka AIROD is perhaps one of the finest incarnations of what the French techno scene can bring to the table when it comes to turning any cold-walled warehouse into a proper coal-fired furnace. Since he broke through on an international level in 2018 with his debut solo 12″ on Molekül, drawing instant support from the likes of Dasha Rush, Blawan, Randomer, Kobosil, to name a few, AIROD’s kept forging his own strain of techno, both dark and muscular, blustery and tirelessly corrosive. A shared bill with Belgian techno ace Amelie Lens at REX Club would soon seal Dario’s fate, prompting Lens to get him on board her highly reputed Exhale parties across the Globe, of which he’s since become a mainstay.

Taking their collaboration to a new extent, AIROD’s inaugural 12″ delivery for Amelie’s label Lenske – the aptly-titled ‘Voltage’ – finds him delivering a quartet of high-octane dancefloor wreckers that promise to get the pressure gauge into the red zone effortlessly, no matter the hour of the day or the baking level of its audience. An increasingly in-demand talent, Dario also joined Dax J‘s Monnom Black stable in the meanwhile, contributing a track to the label’s eagerly anticipated debut VA ‘The World Of Monnom Black’, alongside some of today’s techno’s most renowned big guns.

 In the meantime, the artist remains very productive and unveils his first album on Molekül: “Burn Injury”. An extensive album combining the different styles that inspires and pushes him to exceed his limits in terms of creativity and versatility.

And last but not least, his second “Rave Cycle” EP released on Lenske (which has been directly repressed) won the support of the big artists of the techno scene such as Charlotte De Witte, Adam Beyer and many others.

A meteoric rise to supreme power for the Parisian producer, whose touring agenda has gone from busy to chock-a-block in a jiffy, and we grant you this, ladies and gentlemen is just the beginning.