We have asked Cynthia Spiering to collect 5 of her favourite, most nostalgic and special (acid and non-acid) tracks of all time including a small anecdote. Listen to these until recently hidden gems in our Spotify playlist: ‘Intercell Selects’.

| About Cynthia Spiering

When she was 18 years old, she started working at Perron in Rotterdam. Here she got to see many excellent artists at work. The diverse bookings in Perron inspired her the most, so when Perron was forced to close, she started thinking about what it would be like to DJ herself. She mainly kept that for herself, except for one friend called Erik. Erik, who she also met at Perron, had been DJ-ing for years. He was the one that taught her how to play on CDJ and vinyl.

At the beginning of all this, Cynthia was scared to play in front of a crowd. But at a certain point, an illegal rave in Rotterdam offered her a gig slot. She took a leap of faith. Being nervous as hell and having puked several times, she went behind the decks. Now she’s glad she did it because a little while later she got to play at Transport Rotterdam and then the ball started rolling… The fact that Cynthia’s tutor Erik got her DJ-ing at the level she is now, made her decide that she wanted to produce a track with him:

1 | Sterling Moss & DVS – Techno Punks

Cynthia (NL): “Ik vind dit gewoon echt een hele dikke acid plaat. Sterling Moss maakt sowieso hele gave acid. Zeker een artiest die je even moet checken.”

Cynthia (ENG): “I just find this a massive acid track. Sterling Moss always produces very cool acid. Definitely an artist that you should check out.”

2 | Calling The Freak vs Space Cadet – I’m Frightened

Cynthia (NL): “Ik ben echt een hele grote fan van Bonzai Records én van Calling The Freak. Ze zijn origineel, steady en super groovy. Deze plaat is zelfs één van mijn all-time favorieten.

Cynthia (ENG): “I really am an enormous fan of Bonzaï Records and Calling The Freak. They are original, rock steady en very groovy. This particular record even is one of my all-time favourites.”

3 | Bonz & Josh Inc. – Dispensor

Cynthia (NL): “Eigenlijk vind ik deze hele EP vet, maar deze ene specifieke track bleef bij mij altijd wel hangen. Toen ik hem draaide in CULTUURPODIUM PERRON bij de Everyone On Acid stage vond ik hem misschien nog wel beter klinken dan daarvoor! Haha.”

Cynthia (ENG): “Actually, I like this whole EP, but this specific record will always remain stuck in my memory. When I played this track in CULTUURPODIUM PERRON at the Everyone On Acid stage, I thought it was even better than before! Haha.”

4 | Robert Natus – A Tribute

Cynthia (NL): “Over deze plaat kan ik kort zijn. Ik heb ooit met deze plaat een keer afgesloten na DJ Rush in TOFFLER. Ik kreeg kippenvel, wat een mooie plaat is dit zeg…”

Cynthia (ENG): “I can be short about this one. I once closed a night in TOFFLER after DJ Rush. This was the last record I played, and it gave me goosebumps. What an insanely beautiful track this is…”

5 | Acid Junkies – Leftturner

Cynthia (NL): “Deze track heb ik ook in mijn podcast voor Intercell gedraaid. Echt een vette, rollende plaat. Ik vind sowieso veel dingen van de Acid Junkies gaaf. Trouwens, mijn duurste plaat thuis is van de Acid Junkies, haha. Maar het is een goede investering geweest.

Cynthia (ENG): “This is a track I also played in my podcast for Intercell. Such a fat and rolling record. I almost like all tracks the Acid Junkies made. By the way, my most expensive record is from them, haha. But it’s been a good investment.”

| We’ve added the tracks to our Spotify playlist ‘Intercell Selects’, check them out here.

Catch Cynthia Spiering playing on the 13th of September at Intercell – Acid Night – Rotterdam in Now&Wow Club, Rotterdam.

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