Getting on the wild side now. As a part of the October Series and Intercell x Artaphine – Héctor Oaks Invites line-up this month, it’s now time for the funky & French: u.r.trax.

u.r.trax is one of those rare artists who go straight for the jugular on the first approach. A burst of energy, youth in its most innocent and furious form. A gifted 17-year-old, she sweeps away all stereotypes with her presence and talent.

Artwork by Ilse Kind & SOLO Artists

Let’s dive into this late September podcast, and yes, of course, it had to be him this month. Give it up for the Polish & Warsaw-based: Sept.

Artwork by Ilse Kind & SOLO Artists

It’s time for an August podcast by the Copenhagen based Sugar. Deep, minimal but mostly hard-hitting.
Besides being a founding member of the Fast Forward Productions & Agency, Sugar is an artist whose artistic focus leans toward rolling deep and pounding grooves, atmospheric and eerie ambiences, also searching the field of breakbeats and experimental electronic music.

Artwork by Ilse Kind & SOLO Artists

It’s time for something delightful. We welcome the amazing Herrensauna founder for late July’s podcast: CEM with a groovy, penetrating, yet smooth mix.
CEM’s unique brand of emotive hysteria was forged in Herrensauna‘s hedonistic Berlin furnace in the last few years and as one of the party’s two core members, he has been at the heart of the operations since its inception. 

Renewed artwork by Ilse Kind & SOLO Artists

Finally, we’re back on track. Get ready to dance your heart out at three events in full force and effect.

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Let’s make this blowout a good one. See you on the floor soon.

23/07 Intercell Indoor 2021
24/07 Intercell x I Hate Models [All Night Long]
25/07 Intercell x KI/KI [All Day Long]

Roughing things up with early June’s podcast is the Berlin DJ/Producer: Non Reversible with some deep hypnotic and raw banging techno cuts.
His sets have constant deep and thriving moods with organic textures and fluctuate between hypnotic rhythms and dark mind-blowing emotions with hard-hitting industrial percussions. As Non Reversible continues to spread his creative wings, expect nothing less than powerful unapologetic Techno.

For the first time ever they will be joining forces. AIROD & Shlømo with a massive b2b session as part of our studio series.
Calling it a proper occasion to meet and share their universes when we asked them for this exclusive b2b set. It turned out they made a good connection and are now working on something more… So, get on your dancing shoes for a high energy podcast with some of their surprise unreleased material, closing off the studio series with a blast.

Shlømo and AIROD sharing the decks for the first time ever during the endgame, where the boiling point will be reached. Because when two killer artists like this unite, you can expect a massive outburst.
Made possible by Mariana Vásquez Matamoros & Stare Records –
Thumbnail by Ilse Kind 

Coming through with April’s podcast by the invasive French DJ and producer: Oposition.
Oposition is Louis Quelin’s first project inspired by old school rave. He stands out with a style that comes from the perfect mastery of his turntables. In 2017 he launched a massive machine-set-up project named INTERVENTION with Luca Di Milla, then came INJECTED, an exclusive project founded with Trym in 2018 for large-scale events. Their first date in Paris was at the Dock Eiffel.

Ringing the alarm with March’s podcast is musician Clara Cuvé. Piercing right through these desolate days like a point 50 caliber bullet.
Clara does not relinquish pace nor energy. Her roots go back to the classical piano in which she was trained since age four. Her deep love of music leads her to accumulate a record collection throughout the years, which she deploys during her energetic sets, always focusing on groove and dynamics.

February’s podcast is mixed by the fast-rising French DJ & producer: Pawlowski.
Deeply attached to the 90s rave culture and its sulfurous acid lines, it’s the joyfully decadent spirit of that time that he seeks to transcribe through his music and manages to release behind the decks: acid techno, hard-trance, retro-jump or happy hardcore. One thing is sure, Pawlowski is determined to return the dancefloor its most primitive energy.

The full HD video recording of Ma Čka mixing the January podcast for our Intercell Podcast Series on SoundCloud. Oh man, she is a godforsaken French fury.
Made possible by Mariana Vásquez Matamoros & Stare Records –
Thumbnail by Ilse Kind 

The French fury Ma Čka is a techno producer and DJ from Paris. She will be serving January’s podcast as part of the studio sessions.
A steep, dark, powerful industrial techno with a meticulously calibrated saturation, integrating singular textures, both cold and fiery. This is how the universe of Ma Čka can be depicted both in her productions and in her DJ sets.

Things are looking rather sad…

First of all, we would like to thank you for all waiting so patiently. We were doing the same while hoping there would still be some light at the end of 2020. But, it may not come as a surprise that our government is still prohibiting us from all events.

What does this mean for Intercell x I Hate Models [All Night Long]? Click the ‘Read More’ button below.

It’s time for the December podcast mixed by the relentless Saint-Petersburg based:
Varya Karpova.
Recently she debuted on a big V/A vinyl album for the Possession label. And now… from Russia, without mercy for our Podcast Series.

The 4K video of the radical and new-gen French icon JKS mixing the 034th set for the Intercell Podcast Series on Soundcloud.

Made possible by Mariana Vásquez Matamoros & Stare Records –
Thumbnail by Ilse Kind

November’s podcast is mixed by the radical and new-gen French icon: JKS.
JKS exploded within the French and European techno scene and embodies powerful and solid rave. He’s uncompromising. So, check out this highly flammable set now.

Re-ignite the 90s roughness.
Night, when words fade and things come alive. The grand finale of our October marathon hosted by the forceful Inhalt der Nacht and his Lebendig label. Let’s round up this intense quest.


22/10/2020 till 28/10/2020
Tune in on SoundCloud

He who draws the sword from the stone. The third week of our marathon with the dark lord’s Sacred Court label. SNTS with some black magic for a full week. 

Forthcoming podcasts:
SNTS, Domenico Crisci, Codex Empire,
Crystal Geometry, Brecc, Hel.IV, & AEIT.

15/10/2020 till 21/10/2020
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The second week we’re rejoined by a familiar collective. Returning annually and always rock-solid. Who else could we be talking about but our main man Perc and his Perc Trax label.

08/10/2020 till 14/10/2020
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The first week of our music month madness with Shlømo’s Taapion Records. Trust us if we say this is not particularly going to be a mellow week.

Forthcoming podcasts:
Shlømo, Hadone, Antigone, Lokier, MRD, Parfait & Blame The Mono.

01/10/2020 till 07/10/2020
Tune in on SoundCloud

September’s podcast is made by Berghain resident and one of the most sharp-cutting Berliners out there: Somewhen.
Somewhen is part of Berlin’s new techno generation, which continues to elaborate on the genres’ principal topics by adapting their meanings to a post-modern context; Futurism and nostalgia.

High-end stuff mixed by the man himself, enjoy.

[KRTM] is an electronic musician with deep roots in hardcore and techno music. Pushing the envelope of industrial dancefloor music. Playing hybrid DJ sets and distinctive live sets from the underground rave scene to the biggest hardcore festivals.

Below is a short read about his current attitude towards the impact of the COVID pandemic as an artist, his view on genres and his view on the changes in the electronic music industry caused by the worldwide restrictions. Listen to the special podcast he made for us here too, and read more about this mix at the end of this page together with a tracklist.

July’s podcast is a powerful one by the uprising and Dutch-based: CYNKT.
He aims at taking his audience on a musical journey by playing old school Techno tracks from the ’90s and 2000s, EBM, Rave, Industrial, Offbeat, Melodic Techno, and even Trance. His sound can best be described as raw, cutting edge techno with euphoric influences.

Get ready for some solo fist-pumping.

From a wide variety of electronic music including techno, breaks, lo-fi house, electronic funk and jungle/drum & bass to hip-hop and jazz. This track selection, made by AIROD, contains tracks that represent all of his inspirations and musical influences across different musical genres.

June’s podcast is brought to you by a hard-hitting electro/techno DJ & producer from Germany: LUZ1E.
Eclecticism is the keyword when it comes to the musical taste of LUZ1E. She brings together everything that has that certain punchy power to it. Her sets build a bridge between classic tunes and new sounds, combining them into a notion of futuretroism.

Intercell Collects is a regularly updated Spotify playlist curated by our team, and filled with archived tracks and new releases that suit the Intercell Events.

May’s podcast is mixed by one of France most promising techno trance DJ/producers: DJ REIZ.
Coming from the Paris underground scene, it’s been 5 years now that DJ Reiz is spoiling our ears and hearts with beautiful techno trance bangers, reinventing old school 90s sounds and combining them with new groovy and thundering elements.

April’s podcast is mixed by the intriguing and Romanian: Aleksa Alaska.
Even by the standards of 21st-century electronic music culture, Aleksa Alaska’s rise to international DJ status has been dizzyingly rapid. After deciding in early 2016 to devote more time to recording mixes, the Bucharest-based artist has quickly become one of the most talked-about radio hosts, selectors and club DJs in Europe.

March’s podcast is mixed by the France based DJ & producer: Hadone.
Hadone is one of the most interesting new artists in techno, making his way up in quick ascent. 90s Techno remains his main influence, to which he adds his own touch that we all know. This combination gives us a simple and melancholic result that defines his musical identity, creating his own unique style.

Our government has tightened the rules even further and decided to pull the plug out of all events until the 1st of June. This means, with the understanding of what situation the entire world is in, we are forced to cancel or possibly postpone both of our planned events. Once again, we would like to emphasize that our visitors’ health is our top priority.

What does this mean for our events? Click the ‘Read More’ button below.

This special warm-up podcast is mixed by the Italian DJ & producer Raffaele Attanasio.
Prior to Intercell – Acid Night 2020 on 14/02/20, the Italian Raffaele Attanasio, who is well-known for his live performances, mixed this warm-up podcast including various (sub)genres.

February’s podcast is mixed by the Hamburg born and Berlin based Viscerale.
Driven by strong emotions and moved by fast, hypnotic & disturbing sounds, her sets are influenced by melodic, dark, rhythmic and industrial techno and usually transform into early 90’s gabber and hard trance. 140 bpm and upwards is her comfort zone, and she’s always seeking high energy levels in a playful way.

Video: I Hate Models at his own Invites night closing Intercell ADE 2019.
Techno connoisseur I Hate Models closing off his own Invites night during the 4-day Intercell ADE 2019 marathon violent yet melancholic.

He will be back on 18.12.20 for an extreme allnighter that is already memorable. Brace yourself for the illustrious I Hate Models during Intercell x I Hate Models [All Night Long].

Breaks, industrial, experimental techno and even POP music. This track selection, made by VSK, contains tracks that give him goosebumps, that have inspired him, that he made himself and where he’s proud of, or stand out for any other reason. This includes all-times favourites, new releases, own releases and personal favourites.

New year, new podcast. January’s podcast is one by the French DJ & producer: FUERR.
Coming from the very heart of Paris (as you can see from the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club colours of the artwork) techno, hard techno, jumpstyle, breakbeat, and industrial are all styles the young and ambitious FUERR encompasses while staying faithful to his hardstyle influences.

Together with our partners from Artaphine we streamed the full 2-hour set Shlømo played at Paula Temple‘s first-ever Noise Manifesto label night during ADE 2019 at our Facebook page.

To relive this insane uptempo hard techno set, check out the full video recording of Shlømo in the heat of the night in full HD on YouTube here. And listen to the full audio recording on SoundCloud here.

Video: KI/KI playing at Intercell Outdoor 2019.
This local rising star now returns to the H7 playground for a special acid set during Intercell – Acid Night 2020. She knows her trance classics, just as she knows her acid ones. Check out her performance at De Binnenplaats during our outdoor edition below.

SNTS [acid set]
Ansome [acid live]
KI/KI [acid set]
Chris Liberator [vinyl set]
Raffaele Attanasio [live]

Decembers podcast is one by the Paris based DJ and producer: Incident Prism
The French, Incident Prism started to make music three years ago but isn’t a new kid on the block. He’s been moving in the scene for years now. Aiming for precise and massive productions and always trying to mix different influences to get the most accurate image he would give to modern techno.

Ghost In The Machine closing the Noise Manifesto label night during ADE 2019 their way.

Below is a short read about Marseille-born Hemka, who is a techno DJ and producer based in Paris. She will be performing at the first Noise Manifesto label night during Amsterdam Dance Event at the H7 Warehouse on the 19th of October.
Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) is an interesting soul and a legend in the international techno scene. That’s why we’ve asked Thomas several questions about his music, his career and his studio plus asked him to collect 5 of his favourite, most nostalgic and special tracks of all time including a small anecdote.
The “Acid Cyborgs Are Sick 01” EP is out on Kegffnayy‘s label Everyone On Acid now.
Fat acid electro and breakbeat by HermethSØRN aka The SpyMartus BrovicSluhg and Kegffnayy himself. One of the tracks of the EP called “Well Yes But Actually No” by Hermeth was premiered by Artaphine.

We have asked Cynthia Spiering to collect 5 of her favourite, most nostalgic and special (acid and non-acid) tracks of all time including a small anecdote. Listen to these until recently hidden gems in our Spotify playlist: ‘Intercell Selects’.

When scouring the web for something exciting and new, you rarely find what you’re seeking. However, sometimes you stumble upon something greater than genres that can be attributed to the music at hand. This is when Sid + Eddy from Schwefelgelb come in. One of the most interesting things is that they have a conceptual approach, which in turn make their presence even more noticeable. (Repartiseraren, 2013).

We have asked IGNOTA to collect 5 of his favorite tracks at this moment including a small anecdote. Listen to these until recently hidden gems in our Spotify playlist: ‘Intercell Selects’.