When scouring the web for something exciting and new, you rarely find what you’re seeking. However, sometimes you stumble upon something greater than genres that can be attributed to the music at hand. This is when Sid + Eddy from Schwefelgelb come in. One of the most interesting things is that they have a conceptual approach, which in turn make their presence even more noticeable. (Repartiseraren, 2013).

| About Schwefelgelb

Schwefelgelb is a Techno Body Music duo from Berlin. The powerful physical aspect of their music is being represented in their performative live shows, which they complement with synced strobe lights and projections. They performed all over Europe, North America and in East Asia. Their previous releases sold out several issues. The actual EP “Aus Den Falten” (July 2018) appears on [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. Their music is being played by DJs like Silent Servant (Official), THE HACKER, Helena Hauff, Samuel Kerridge, Phase Fatale, Adam X, Front 242, Jensen Interceptor, Tommy Four Seven and more.”

| The track selection

We have asked Sid & Eddy to collect 5 of their favorite tracks at this moment, where they get their inspiration from. Listen to some of these until recently hidden gems in our Spotify playlist: ‘Intercell Selects’.

1 | Emma DJ – Burnout Library (Terem, Pt. 1)

Watch the crazy and trippy music video on YouTube here and listen to the full album here.
Release date: March 5th, 2019
| Bandcamp link

2 | Credit 00 – Data Control

Bandcamp, (2019): CREDIT 00 takes a sidestep from his Uncanny Valley/Rat Life camp to showcase his rumbling, industrial machine funk and bad-ass attitude on Pinkman. Vision gets blurry and panic sets in as the A-Side track “Exctasy Overdose” blasts with vibrating basslines and shrieking sirens.

On the flip, we have the stripped slow beat electro cut “Data Control”, showing a huge middle finger to online mass surveillance. The EP ends with the weirdo jam “Weg von diesem Ort” in which CREDIT 00 samples synth and covers vocals of an obscure, industrial cassette tape from the early 80s.

Release date: February 11th, 2019
| Bandcamp link

3 | L/F/D/M – Cru

Clone, (2019): Dream Bleeds overflows with body jerking industrial, raw acid/techno, and hints of the warehouse sound of the late ’90s and the caustic spirit of EBM.

L / F / D / M says about ‘Dream Bleeds’; Attaching meaning to songs is often arbitrary, but when the visceral feeling of music, particularly instrumental body music, is laid bare, the interaction is immediate and physical. These tracks thread together; each starting point completely open, each new step informed by the last.

I find it interesting that the process is the same but the outcome somewhat unexpected; shaped by emotion, inspiration or even constraints of time, they evolve as they do in that time. They reach a different endpoint due to that evolution of circumstance.

Release date: Week 18, 2019
| Clone link

4 | Autumns – Recovery

Bandcamp, (2018): Starting with a bang through the haunting mechanical acid of Delta Funktionen‘s “Alternate Reality”, it’s followed by the uplifting broken techno of “Flesh” from exciting new London-based talent IMOGEN. Autumns enters a more tense area via echoed voices and street sounds on the dense industrial-flavored “Recovery”, while a barrage of weird, vocal-infused beats from Bristol’s Giant Swan, brings the record to a chaotic end on “The Sun Inside Jaden Smith”.

Release date: November 5th, 2018
| Bandcamp link
5 | Survival Paradox – Night

Bandcamp, (2019): The “SELF-AWARE” series aims to bring together an eclectic array of underground artists across several countries, cultures & genres unified by a shared vision and appreciation of the darker sonic arts.
Watch the music video on YouTube here.
Release date: April 15th, 2019
| Bandcamp link
These kindergarten friends from the [aufnahme + wiedergabe] label are always looking for the next thing to experiment with, while continually trying to figure out what their own sound actually is (Repartiseraren, 2013).

You can find it out for yourself at Intercell – The Void.