We have asked IGNOTA to collect 5 of his favorite tracks at this moment including a small anecdote. Listen to these until recently hidden gems in our Spotify playlist: ‘Intercell Selects’.

| About IGNOTA
“IGNOTA represents: ‘The Unknowable’. Meaning he approaches his sets and productions with emotion and the state of mind and mood he is feeling at that moment. Characteristic of his sets and productions are the unique storylines, which will take you to another dark and obscure spectrum where you will lose and find yourself in another capacity.”

1 | Vulkanski – Stalking Caracal (Original Mix)

First of all let’s start with a secret weapon. Vulkanski hits really hard with this production released on Phase Fatale’s and Florian Engerling’s ‘BITE label’. For me, the sound design is very unique, thriving and mind-bending!

2 | Tommy Four Seven – 2084 (Original Mix)

This track by Tommy Four Seven on his 47 label, has the full package. I can’t wait to use this on the 3rd of May at The Void.

3 | Tapefeed – Amaterasu (Original Mix)

One of my latest voodoo ritual selects. Tapefeed delivers some great rhythm, hypnotic lead and a screech that tickles your ears. The atmosphere in this track will make you put your eyes closed and make you listen to all the great details that are in it.


One of my favorite V/A compilations “Eating From The Orchard Of The Heart”, released by Instruments of Discipline. This track from /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ starts really slo-mo with a vocal that let you think twice and leads you on. Catchy right from the start, [SPOILER ALERT] followed by a disruptive mood switch that hits you right in the face.

5 | Adam X – Sheer Insanity (Original Mix)

“Flashback to my spontaneous after party gig playing with my Russian friends from Påraleł in Saint Petersburg, Russia at Клуб/Kisloty. When I played this track from Adam X out loud and the drop slammed, it gave a massive feeling of euphoria in a creepy way. Some crazy monkey business (screech) going on haha!”

“Anyways, we have come full circle. We’ll see each other on the 3rd of May at Intercell – The Void.”