The “Acid Cyborgs Are Sick 01” EP is out on Kegffnayy‘s label Everyone On Acid now.
Fat acid electro and breakbeat by HermethSØRN aka The SpyMartus BrovicSluhg and Kegffnayy himself. One of the tracks of the EP called “Well Yes But Actually No” by Hermeth was premiered by Artaphine.


1. Hermeth – Oof
2. Hermeth – Well Yes But Actually No
3. Hermeth – Oof (Kegffnayy Remix)
4. The Spy – The Silver Bullet
5. Martus Brovic – Hydrogen Halide
6. Sluhg – Smoke Acid


Born just a little north of Amsterdam and raised with an extensive love for music. Kegffnayy, better known as “Yannick van der Hoek”, started producing at an age of 16. He’s been interested in genres such as funk, disco and soul and has been DJ-ing for a while with his more disco, funk and house oriented alias ‘Yann De Discoman’. His spectrum broadened to genres like hip-hop, house, electro and eventually acid techno. This is where he is now.

Acid is Kegffnayy’s key element. In 2015 Kegffnayy experimented with thriving beats combined with countless acid riffs. This caused him to create projects with a more hardcore sound and industrial breakbeats, which were highly inspired by the work of Aphex Twin. After releasing his tracks on multiple industrial labels, he entered the scene more serious.

His acidic tracks have flowed through various historical and distinctive venues such as Het Magazijn, Warehouse Elementenstraat, BASIS, TOFFLER, Radion and Le Petit Salon (Lyon). Furthermore, he introduced his contemporary yet 90’s inspired sound to raves in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Paris. Moreover he recently started with a radio show named “A Slowly Evolving Acid Experience” at Operator Rotterdam. On the 12th of this month (August 2019), he will be presenting the 4th part of this radio show. With his sets, he strives to surprise his audience. Delivering dark, eccentric and trippy Electro alternated with more uptempo Acid Techno and Breakbeat.

In March 2018 Kegffnayy decided to bring new creative minds together and released compilation albums on Everyone On Acid. The main idea of this label is to build a platform and bring known artists together with new talented producers, on one album. Until now, four  ‘Volumes’ containing numerous well-respected artists have already been released and are supported by Amelie Lens, Anetha, Regal and many more.
His small side project is named “lower_flower”. With this project, he’s seeking for multiple perspectives in a more experimental mindset. Expect an ambient way for him to root here.

Catch him playing at Intercell Outdoor 2019 on the 24th of August at the urban courtyard of our cherished H7 Warehouse named: De Binnenplaats.