Friday, 14 February 2020 | H7 Warehouse

SNTS [acid set],  Ansome [acid live],  KI/KI [acid set], Chris Liberator [vinyl set],  Raffaele Attanasio [live],  Kegffnayy

Breaks, industrial, experimental techno and even POP music. This track selection, made by VSK, contains tracks that give him goosebumps, that have inspired him, that he made himself and where he’s proud of, or stand out for any other reason. This includes all-times favourites, new releases, own releases and personal favourites.

Together with our partners from Artaphine we streamed the full 2-hour set Shlømo played at Paula Temple‘s first-ever Noise Manifesto label night during ADE 2019 at our Facebook page.

To relive this insane uptempo hard techno set, check out the full video recording of Shlømo in the heat of the night in full HD on YouTube here. Ans listen to the full audio recording on SoundCloud here.


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